ADHD Survivor

ADHD is a complex.
ADHD is interesting.
ADHD can be devastating.

My family has been a a casualty of ADHD and coming into the situation of confronting it, I basically knew nothing about it. We flailed about trying to figure it out and failed. This Tumblr is devoted to maybe helping even one person keep their family together. If that amazing feat were to occur any amount of time spent microblogging here will have been worth it.

Imagined Greatness

American political history movies are always wildly popular precisely because of the story they tell. When examined and criticized for accuracy, they claim to be ‘just a movie’.


Why the call for special investigation of the Christopher Dorner affair?

Downtown Atlanta Destroyed

Georgia State University has transformed the downtown area into a playground for young whites.

You’re Not White

You’re a person. Like me. You have less melanin and that makes people see you as, and call you a white person. And the way people see you is a kind of training you receive. Being a white person is to forever accept the training.

On Being White

War is not the answer…. You, white person, are not the answer.


For some people, Twitter is completely worthless. If you aren’t interested in keeping up with the rhythm and flow of acquaintances, there isn’t much use for Twitter. Also, there is a definite class strata that plugs into Twitter. If you’re not a member of the class, many or most of your people aren’t even fuckin wit Twitter. Again, making it pointless.

Racing On The Dance Floor

Right now across the ATL white and Black people are having vastly different experiences on the dance floor. Even on the same dance floors on occasion (though the geographic apartheid of the city too busy to hate makes that a rarity). The white man and woman a few feet from me have a dance floor demeanor that can most closely be likened to the general attitudinal space of an 11 year old at a birthday party.

It could be argued an anomaly if at least half the whites on the floor weren’t doing (roughly) the same thing.

I know, I know…. I’m too serious.

No Church In Da Wild

What’s a God to a non-believer that doesn’t believe in anything?